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UEA is a full-service boarding school, provides a comprehensive care system that guides students from the moment they apply to study with us, to the day they graduate, UEA is set up to make sure students track to their full potential, and ultimately their long-term goals – be it entrance to a particular university, or beyond. 

Comprehensive Care Learning

Comprehensive Care Learning is a holistic approach to education, balancing in-class learning, individual study, and experiential learning to make students more engaged in their education – maximizing their academic potential.

​Comprehensive Care Learning focuses not only on what is learned, but also how it is learned.


Comprehensive Care Developmeng

UEA’s multifaceted academic and experiential approach offers extensive opportunities for students to engage in leadership and character enrichment outside the classroom. 

​Students develop a routine for success by participating in various after school, age-tailored programs customized to their individual  needs. These fun activities instill discipline and consistency in our students’ daily routine, enabling them to have healthy social and emotional lifestyles.

Comprehensive Care Living

When parents send their children abroad to study, they want their children to live in a place that provides a level of care similar to what they’d get at home. This means a safe and comfortable living environment, attention to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, proper care if special needs arise such as sickness, and training for independent living.

​Our Comprehensive Care Living is based on a “home-away-from-home” model which delivers, in the best way possible, the kind of care parents would provide their own children at home. 


Comprehensive Care Communication

International students, by definition, are far away from their families. That can be an anxious experience for them, as well as their parents. Students are anxious to know how things are back home. Parents are anxious to know how their children are doing in school, after classes are over and on weekends.

At UEA with a state of-the-art technology and software platform, is designed to maximize family connection, and bring students and parents closer, to overcome that feeling of distance. With Comprehensive Care Communication, parents can have peace of mind, and students will have a better state of mind to focus on study and to enjoy their new lives while in Canada.

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