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Maximizes Academic Potential



Highest Quality Caring Teachers
  • Supremely qualified, many of whom have postgraduate degree (e.g., Ph.D. and Master).

  • Passionate about teaching, with an average of 23 years of teaching experience

  • Empathetic to international students, as many of them have international teaching experience

Customized Academic Programs Fit Students’ Interests & Aptitudes
  • A large selection of courses that cover a wide spectrum of subject matter and scholastic levels

  • Flexibility to fit the needs of an individual student, such as:
    Offering accelerated ESL programs to help students who need extra attention
    Allowing combined study of ESL & academic courses to save time
    Offering additional course support for gifted students

Providing Constant In-house Learning Assistance in Multiple Ways
  • Students receive materials online, in advance, so they are better prepared to learn and engage in the classroom.

  • Tutoring & support for students:
    In person, with our professional tutors, teachers and peer tutor
    At school throughout the day
    In Residence in the evening
    Online, 24 x 7

  • Organized study groups, led by teachers and peers

Modern, Progressive Educational Approach
  • State-of-the-art Smartboards to better engage students in their learning

  • A Blended Learning model so students learn more effectively
    A balanced and fair performance evaluation system
    Instead of evaluating student bases on a single,final exam, our system is based on a combination of unit tests, projects, presentations and final exam (30%) over the entire semester

  • Our unique Circle of Care Committee to detect, intervene in, and monitor any student issues on a weekly basis

Building Skills Needed for Success at University
  • Going beyond teaching our students the content of textbooks, we teach them critical thinking, inquiry, collaboration, report-writing and presentation skills.

  • Identifying students’ interests and passions early, we provide guidance to set them up for success with the same area of studies in their future

Counseling for Senior Students to Reach their Dream Universities
  • Counselling by our experienced University Placement Counsellors to ensure every graduating student is given the best opportunity for admission and scholarships from the best possible universities

  • Supplementary application workshop to help our graduates to stand apart from the competition

  • Early identification of high achievers, who then get special support to maximize success

Proper Guidance to Maximize Students’ Learning Paths
  • Administrating diagnostic assessments at the beginning of their studies

  • One-on-one counselling throughout to guide the students in selecting courses that will optimize their chance for successful learning

  • Working with the students to come up with a PersonalSuccess Plan (PSP) that maps out their long-term curriculum needs


We are proud of their world-class pedigree and positive effects on students, demonstrated by three key characteristics:

High Qualifications
  • Field-specific training, with most of them having a post-graduate degree

  • Highly experienced, including teaching internationally

Modern Teaching Approach
  • Dynamic Classroom Style
    Proactively identifying individual learning and tailoring the teaching to meet each individual’s needs and talents
    Connecting the curriculum with many aspects of a student’s life to maximize student engagement
    Using assessment tools to guide a student’s individual learning plan

  • Cutting-edge Teaching Techniques
    Continually exploring and experimenting with digital learning and teaching methods
    Employing a blended learning model to maximize student engagement through the use of computers and mobile devices

  • Commitment to Self-improvement
    Constantly improving their skills through professional development
    Treating their own subject matter expertise as a lifelong pursuit that demands constant honing and updating

Holistic Teaching Philosophy
  • Inspiration
    Guiding students to discover their own talents
    Encouraging students to be open to new experiences.
    Stimulating students to develop an inquisitive mind
    Demonstrating the power of knowledge to students.

  • Mentorship
    Shaping students’ character with fundamental values
    Motivating students to think independently and to take initiative

  • Caring
    Supporting students with genuine care and ongoing interest in their development

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