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Union Education Academy (UEA) is devoted to provide excellent, high-quality education, with small size classes, and guide students to develop their academic skills in order to reach their goals of succeeding in top universities and continuing to be well rounded individuals in a successful career.


Principal's Message

Here at Union Education Academy, we understand the challenges that students face, in particular those who are new to Canada. Parents choose to send their children to Union Education Academy with the prospect that they will be admitted to their dream university and will be able to graduate successfully with a high GPA. Parents have entrusted Union Education Academy to help guide their children to become well rounded academically and socially. Our obligation is to earn the trust of both students and their parents as our mission is to support students to achieve their goals.

We have great expectations for all of our students. We want them to show enthusiasm in learning English well. We work hard to foster independence in them as we know how vital it is for their success in universities and colleges. We want them to shape their character so that they are well prepared when they graduate from school and go into the workplace. UEA encourages students to work arduously to persevere through difficult times and lo achieve their best.

With the guidance of teachers and school administration, our students will be able to achieve their dreams. It is with great pride that we watch our graduates to attend outstanding universities around the world. Our confidence in their success derives from our excellent teachers and strong guidance along the way.

Vision & Values

  • Ambitious

  • Diligent

  • Positive

  • Insightful


At UEA we care for our staff and regularly invest in their development. This enables us to grow as a team and continue to make a difference in our students’ lives each day by empowering them to change the world.

Ms. Ahmed


Ms. Zhang


Mr. Song


Ms. Calladine


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