Mazimizes Living Experience

Image by Norbert Levajsics


Comfortable and Modern
  • Brand new comforter and pillow for each student on arrival

  • Air-conditioned and heated bedroom with individual control

  • Wi-Fi and wired internet in every room

  • Personal phone extension and voice mail

  • Study desk with proper lighting

Removes Daily Stress
  • Housekeeping, including weekly room cleaning and vacuuming

  • Fresh linen every two weeks

  • Residence and meal service open 365 days, including holidays

  • Clinic, nurse and wellness room

Sets the Highest Standards on Food Safety
  • Leading food services provider, sets high food safety standards

  • Our food services meet and exceed Ontario’s regulations on health and safety

Nourishing and Delicious Meals
  • Up to four nutritious and delicious meals a day, with all-you-care-to-eat dinners and brunches, every day including holidays

  • Menus designed by qualified dieticians and executive chefs

  • Onsite kitchen at each residence building to serve freshly prepared meals

  • Dietary options available including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, kosher, lactose intolerant and other religious/cultural needs

Fosters Social Skills
  • New student orientation and integration

  • After-school activities

  • Weekend clubs and sports

  • Age appropriate and/or gender specific extracurricular activities

Cultivates Independence and Discipline
  • Rules, regulations and routines build constructive habits

  • Teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills

  • Cooking lessons on weekends

In-House Support

For all students

  • In-residence tutoring

  • Residence life counselling

  • Houseparents (in-residence supervisors)

Special care for young students under 16

  • Program with dedicated staff ensure they receive the priority care and attention they need

  • Homework check

Special Services

School will act as legal custodian

  • As required for the application of Study Permit by Canada Immigration

  • Free of charge for the custodianship service

  • A one-time legal documentation fee (C$300.00) for custodianship is charged at time of application

Other Custodian Services Included

  • School will administer vaccinations of students on-site as required by Ontario’s Public Health Department

  • Assistance in renewing study permits, visas, passports and travel booking

  • Manage and distribute pocket money

  • Liaise with parents in the event of medical or legal needs of the students


We know safety and healthcare are two of the highest priorities when parents send their child abroad to study.
We pride ourselves in taking the greatest care to keep children safe and sound. 

Prepare your child for a safe journey
  • Before leaving home, our “Handbook for Safe Travel” educates your child on safety concerns

Meet your child at the airport upon arrival
  • Upon request, your child will be met at the airport and transported to our campus

  • Your child receives a free SIM Card to call home promptly

Familiarize your child with UEA before school starts
  • Orientation Program to familiarize new students with the school, their fellow new students and Toronto, their new city

  • New students get a free taxi card to use to return to campus if they are lost anywhere in Toronto

Provide your child with a safe environment
  • Separate residence buildings for boys and girls

  • Houseparents maintain strict residence rules

  • 24/7 security staff provide safety everywhere with;
    Video surveillance
    Access-controlled entrances, elevators and floors
    Individual lockable space for valuables inside room

  • Door-to-door bus between school and residences

  • Emergency preparedness drills every semester

  • Staff are trained to identify and address bullying

Designate staff to keep parents informed
  • Multilingual Liaison Officers provide support to all students and their parents

  • Our unique Online Report Card provide parents with the most up-to-date information about their child