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Admittance to the World’s Top Universities

Students who demonstrate the most exceptional performance are eligible to apply for the UEA Elite Program (UEP) in their Grade 11 and 12.

The two-year Program is designed to comprehensively prepare students for the rigorous requirements for entry to the world’s best universities.

This program offers academic, leadership, and extracurricular opportunities beyond the “Best Program” , and far beyond regular high school.

UEA Elite Program gives high performing students the most competitive edge

Competition is keen, and the selection process of these universities goes beyond academic performance alone.

By achieving at a solid academic curriculum, supplemented by enriched experiential learning and systematic training in character, self-confidence and leadership development, graduates of this program become elite candidates for academic and professional opportunities.

Elite Program With Academic Advantage
  • Advanced training in core subjects, including extra small-group classes and workshops

  • Academic competitions in major subjects

Elite Program With The Pinnacle Of Leadership
  • Managing a community impact project from start to finish.

  • Participation in the Model United Nation Conference in New York City

  • Skills training in public speaking, entrepreneurship and business

  • Site visits and lunches with business executives to gain deeper understanding of career paths in businesses

Elite Program With Top Universities
  • An early start and interaction with Top Universities campus activities

  • On-site campus experience at the University learn about living and learning first hand, including individual meetings with professors and administrators

  • Early conditional admissions to qualifying students

  • Exclusive, admission scholarships for students in the Program

  • University representatives visit and meet students at school to provide counselling and the most up-to-date admission requirements

Special 2-Year Program – Grade 11-12

This is a two-year program with admission only at Grade 11
Admission Requirements
  • Currently enrolled in Grade 10 or equivalent.

  • Can start the program in our August semester.

  • Complete our online Application form Have an average of 80% of above in their current studies. All applicants are required to provide transcripts starting Grade 9 from their home country. Certified translation of the transcript to English when necessary.

  • Have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent. All applicants must submit results of external exams completed in their home country, such as TOEFL, IELTS, IGCSE, SSCE, O level, A level, and IB exams.

  • Pass our entrance examination in English and Math, with additional Science exam for science students

  • Pass the invitational interview with our Principal via Skype

  • Demonstrate involvement in community services or to provide a character reference letter from at least one teacher

  • Provide any certificates or awards with the application

Continuation on the program
  • At the end of the first year, all students will be evaluated on their performance in the program. Students must maintain a minimum average of 80% in order to proceed to year two in the program

Entrance Scholarship
  • Selected applicants may be considered for entrance scholarships valued at C$5000 each

Graduation Scholarships
  • For the top graduates from the UEA Elite Program
    Union Education Academy provides three (3) C$3,000 scholarships

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