Tuition and Application Fees


Application Application Fee

Tuition Fee

ESL Courses (1 Levels)

IELTS Preparation Courses

$300 CAD

$21,600 CAD (8 Courses)

$3,000 CAD

$5,600 CAD

Supplementary Fees


Textbook Deposit & Fee

Medical Insurance (12 Months)

School Uniform

Student Council / Club

$600 CAD

$750 CAD

$550 CAD

$200 CAD



Co-Managed Dormitory



$1,500 CAD

$1,200 CAD~$1,600 CAD

$800 CAD~$1,200 CAD

  • All applicable tuition and fees must be paid in full before a Letter of Acceptance can be issued.

  • Students will rent textbooks by paying deposits and wear-and-tear fees. Please contact us for detailed policies.

  • The Dormitory and Homestay prices shown are for one month. The prices for Custodianship are $800/6 months and $1,200/12 months.

  • All fees paying to third-party organizations, including but not limited to Visa application, OUAC application and IELTS test, are not showing in this document. Please contact us if you wish to prearrange payments for these fees. Actual rates of these fees may change at the time of payment.

Student Bursaries
  • Siblings
    The siblings of a student currently studying at UEA receive a 25% discount on their tuition fee. The Sibling Discount applies only when siblings attend the school at the same time (i.e. in the same semester) and tuition fees are paid in full.

Canadian Citizens And Permanent Residents
  • Permanent Residents and citizens of Canada receive a 25% discount on the tuition fee only

  • Therefore the Sibling Discount does not apply in such cases.

Letter Of Acceptance
  • A Letter of Acceptance will only be issued after the school has received full payment of fees.

  • Residence, tuition, meal plan, uniform and damage deposit are fully refundable less administration and application fee if you are refused a student visa by the Canadian Immigration Authority. All fees are non-refundable if you are issued a student visa by the Canadian Immigration Authority.