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Interactive Online Learning  Up To 150 Courses To Choose From

Interactive Online Learning 
Up To 150 Courses To Choose From


Ontario Secondary School

Offers full-time or part-time study OSSD Program


AP Preparation

Set your goal high and enhance your study


SAT Preparation

Want to apply a US University?
Prepare yourself with SAT

Why Choose Online Learning


Whether you want to develop additional skills or finish your diploma, we offer a number of courses to choose from.


Join other students from around the world and learn together. Online learning is as easy and natural as chatting with a group of friends.


Work directly with our Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT). They offer 1-on-1 meetings and share their experience through videos, quizzes and discussions. 

Why Choose UEA Online Learning

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Global live lectures, same day interaction with teachers, any time, any place to create excellent conditions for efficient online learning.


Classes average 10 students, ensuring personalized teaching and teacher-student interaction.

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Learn at home anywhere in the world and achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).


More than 150 courses to choose from, including: Mathematics, English, Science, Computer Science, Business.

Our Philosophy

A personalized learning model with student/teacher interaction is fundamental for effective learning online. The Ontario curriculum requires students to engage in active, authentic, and cooperative and collaborative activities. 

Our online instruction and assessment model reflects the Ministry’s direction. Teachers are an essential component of online learning and students must have opportunities to engage synchronously with teachers.

Course Selection

OSSD Ontario High School Grade 9-12
  • Ontario Secondary School Program in Canada, including nearly 100 courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and so on. The program is based on the Ontario High School curriculum. Some courses may be credited to meet graduation and university admission requirements.

English as a Second Language (ESL) & IELTS
  • Union Education Academy offers a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for Canadian and international students with various ESL proficiency levels. The ESL program offers 5 levels of instruction ranging from Beginners (ESLAO) to Advanced (ESLEO).

  • IELTS is an English language test for study, migration or work. Over three million people take our test every year. IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 employers, universities, schools and immigration bodies around the world.

  • Assists and prepares students to achieve better scores to get into the university of their choice

Extra-curricular Program
  • UEA extra-curricular program includes math contests, programming, English writing, and more.

Course Fees

Full Time Online OSSD

$10,000 CAD~ For 8 OSSD Credits

Part Time Online OSSD

$1,300 CAD~ Per Course


$2,000 CAD~ Per Course


$90 Hour Session


$90 Hour Session

Guidance Services For Full-time Students


Tailored Individual Study Plan

Each student’s study plan includes comprehensive information on course selections, graduation requirements and status of completion, university goals, academic progress, etc.


Progress Report

The progress report updates a student’s academic standing weekly. It also pinpoints work habits that need improvement. 

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Monthly Guidance Meetings

One-on-one meetings with professional guidance counsellors aim to review goals and identify areas that require improvement. 

Popular OSSD Courses

Grade 9/10
  • English, 9/10 Academic

  • Principles of Mathematics, 9/10Academic

  • Science, 9/10, Academic

  • Core French, 9, Academic

  • Integrated Arts, 9/10

  • Introduction to Business, 9/10

  • Information and Communication

  • Technology in Business, 9/10

  • Computer Technology, 10

  • Issues in Canadian Geography, 9, Academic

  • Healthy Active Living, 9

  • Career Studies, 10

  • Canadian History Since World War I, 10, Academic

  • Civics and Citizenship, 10

  • English as a Second Language

Grade 11
  • English, 11, University

  • Functions, 11, University

  • Biology, 11, University

  • Chemistry, 11, University

  • Physics, 11, University

  • Introduction to Computer Science, 11, University

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals, 11, University

  • International Languages, Simplified Chinese, Level 2, University

Grade 12
  • English, 12, University

  • Advanced Functions, 12, University

  • Calculus and Vectors, 12, University

  • Data Management, 12, University

  • Chemistry, 12, University

  • Physics, 12, University

  • Biology, 12, University

  • Introduction to Computer Science, 12, University

  • Computer Engineering Technology, 12, University

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals, 12, University

  • International Business Fundamentals, 12, University

  • Business Leadership Management Fundamentals, 12, University

  • Analyzing Current Economics Issues, 12, University

  • Food and Nutrition, 12, University

  • International Languages, Simplified Chinese, Level 3, University

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